The 177 Results

Windber Country Club

The 177 Tournament


1st Place  ($50 Each)

Cooper   DeMartino    Matthews    Papanicolas


2nd Place (Scorecard Playoff)   ($30 Each)

Kehl    Felix    Keiper    Pavlikowski



Blue Tee Division  ($20 Each)

Cascino    Lee    Santichen (x 2)


White Tee Division ($26 Each)

Dharbhamulla    Long    Felix (x 2)    Pomroy    Novotny


Green Tee Division ($9 Each)

Dawson    Pavlikowski    Samples (x 3)    Papanicolas (x 3)    King

Am / Am Results

Congratulations to our winners!

In the picture below, the green score = Gross 1 Best Ball of 2, the red score = Net 1 Best Ball of 2

The place written in blue on the right side = pari mutual position.

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