Handicap Rules

Rules for Handicaps & Golf Play


  1. WCC Handicaps are maintained in accordance with the rules of the official USGA Handicap System and are monitored regularly by the Golf Committee and the Golf Professional. A new Handicap Subcommittee will be created to oversee the handicap process regularly.
  2. Accordingly, under USGA Rules, it is still the responsibility of the player to post his score to determine an accurate & current handicap.
  3. Before play, each player is required to sign in with his/her member number at the Pro Shop front desk. This assures that the Pro Shop staff knows who is on the course for liability issues and potential emergency contacts. The member number is required to help with the tracking of handicap verification on the computer.
  4. Upon completion of play, each player is required to post a valid score in the computer. Scores are collected during theactive golf season from April 15th thru October 15th. A valid score at our course, as defined by the USGA, is recording at least 13 completed holes on your own ball & using equitable scoring for any unplayed holes – unless it is determined by the Golf Professional and the greens Superintendent that the course is not fit for recording valid scores due to unplayable course conditions.
  5. In posting scores, players must utilize the USGA’s “Equitable Stroke Control” process. Instructions for converting scores using this process are posted at the computer. Please take the time to review this process and post an adjusted score in accordance with your handicap.
  6. Only players with an established current WCC handicap are eligible to participate in competitive club events including all tournaments.  Only members are eligible to play in Club Championships. A current handicap is defined as a score posted during the active golf season – with a minimum of five 18-hole scores required.  The end of the season handicap will be considered a valid handicap to start the following year, until valid scores are posted for the new golfing season.
  7. Regular random checks will be made by the Pro and the Handicap Committee to assure that players are signing in and posting scores. If it is discovered that a player fails to turn in his score after signing in at the front desk, or refuses to post a score, par will be given and the Golf Committee will be notified for possible disciplinary action up to and including suspension from golfing activities.
  8. Handicap and slope system conversion cards are posted at the computer for your reference. The slope system also factors into the conversion of scores based on the tees used during the round.
  9. Scores from other courses, either locally or from out of town played any time of year, can be posted in accordance with the slope and index of the course played & the date the round was played – when the handicap computer is on and active during the regular golfing season.
  10. The Golf Committee has the right to adjust handicaps, if necessary. in consultation with the Golf Professional. Handicaps and the enforcement of their accuracy fall under the authority of the Golf/Handicap Committee.
  11. For tournament play, it is the responsibility of the Golf Professional to certify the accuracy & legitimacy of any player’s handicap and their eligibility for play in an event, by utilizing all the resources of the handicap computer to insure and validate their posted scores. This process has been ongoing and will assure the accuracy and current status of each handicap.
  12. Members who participate in more “social” events such as, but not limited to, Duffers, Nine & Dine, Ladies League or some Couples events are still required to sign-in and post scores – when valid – as described in Rule #4. However, those groups will still have the autonomy to structure their own events as they so choose, aware that the ultimate authority for handicap verification still rests with the Golf/Handicap Committee.


It should be noted that these updates to the existing “Handicap Rules” are being implemented to assure legitimate and accurate handicaps for all play at the Club and to promote the honesty & integrity of golf among the playing members at Windber Country Club as directed by our By-Laws.


In that spirit, members are asked to comply with these directives.